The Most Valuable & In-Depth Digital Marketing & eCommerce Course Ever Made

The Most Valuable & In-Depth Digital Marketing & eCommerce Course Ever Made

You Can Say This Single Course is…

The Best Local eCommerce Course Ever

From setting up a website from scratch to calculating profits, this course is a perfect fit for those who want to see a profitable local eCommerce business being built completely in front of their eyes with each and every step explained in detail resulting the store generating profits including all the overheads, logistics and other costs.

The Best Digital Marketing Course Ever

What could be better than a combo of perfect conceptual examples and showing you 100% real and practical implementations with 100% real results, from building up a perfect mindset to developing the extremely advanced digital marketing strategies. One can’t go any further than that. See how we did all the thought process and did a perfect practical of marketing campaigns with awesome results! You won’t need anything else after that to become an expert digital marketing specialist.

The Best Social Media Marketing Course

100% real scenario, 100% real campaigns, 100% real results, Become an expert in the domain of Social Media Marketing and equip yourself with advanced tools and tactics and experience the potential of life changing social media marketing skills.

The Best Wordpress Development Course

Want to see yourself as a Website Developer? Want to build yourself some nice looking online stores? Awesome looking commercial site? A high rated freelancer? See and learn each and every step with so much attention to detail and train yourself to never need any other developer for all the general sites and portals. Learning wordpress development makes you more skilled and able to use many more CMS i.e moodle, shopify, OpenCart etc. Open the doors for lots of career, freelancing and business options


Build a “Profitable” eCommerce Businesses from Scratch

  • Learn How to Generate Profit Instead of Revenue Only
  • Become an Expert in Local eCommerce Industry
  • Start Your Own eCommerce Business From Scratch
  • Become an Expert in White Label, Private Label & Dropshipping
  • Avoid Reasons of Failures Others Face and No One is Talking About It
  • Provide Valuable High Paying Services to eCommerce Businesses
  • Become an Expert in Local eCommerce Logistic and Courier Dealings
  • You’ll Be Able to Do It All Yourself.
  • Get Your Hands Dirty in Pakistan’s & Worldwide Fastest Growing Industry
  • Start from Very Basics to Extremely Advance
  • Learn All The Skills i.e Web Development, Digital Marketing, Local eCommerce Challenges, Product Hunting, Branding and Many More of What it Takes to be a Specialist
Digital Marketing

Become a Smart & Highly Paid Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Build Advanced Level Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Smartly Utilize Digital Platform to Successfully Market Products, Brands & Businesses
  • Start Your Freelancing Careers, Agencies or Business With So Much More Potential Then You Currently Have.
  • Be Able To Generate More Customers, More Sales, More Profits, More Clients.
  • Get Yourself Gripped on The Most High Paying Skills Worldwide
  • Unleash the Creative Expert Inside You and Amaze Everyone With Awesome Results You’ll Bring in
  • Become a Digital Marketing Guru Everyone Prefer to Work With
  • Imagine The Opportunities It Will Open Up In Your Every Startup, Every Job, Every Venture, Every Partnership almost Every Phase of Your Career
  • You’ll Never Need Any Other Digital Marketing Training Or Course Ever
Social Media Marketing

Become A Social Media Marketing Expert

  • Utilize Social Media Platform to Market Your Products, Business, Services
  • Generate Awesome Sales, Leads, Clients and Keep Improving Them Overtime
  • Level up Your Social Media Existence
  • Build Brands People Love
  • Learn all The Technical Skills it Takes to be a Social Media Marketing Expert Specially Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok
  • Everything Explained From Scratch
  • Everything Explained 100% Practically
  • You’ll Never Need Any Other Social Media Marketing Course or Training
  • Experience The Amazing Opportunities These Skills Can Open up For You
Wordpress Development

Become A Wordpress Development Expert

  • Create Amazingly Looking Beautiful eCommerce Stores
  • Create Eye Catchy Enterprise Websites
  • Create Professional Looking Portfolio and Personal Sites
  • Start Career in Web Development
  • Provide Freelancing Services or Hunt Yourself Some High Paying Clients
  • Build Funnels Inside The Websites To Capture Business
  • Be Able to Use Many Other CMSes i.e Shopify, OpenCart etc
  • Never Need any Other Wordpress or Shopify Expert
  • Never Need any Other Wordpress Development Course Except Coding Skills or Software Engineering to Built 100% Custom Solutions
Why We Created This Course

Too Many Overpriced Low Value Online Course:

We were seeing too many online course sellers (Manjan) ripping students off in highly paid courses and training yet students not getting successful because all these trainers were providing just a few hours of recorded content and not training students on creating profitable stores.

Students lose investment on the course first, and when they invest in their startups, they lose money again and don’t even know what they did wrong. It was hurtful to see all the students struggling so much and yet no one was taking this issue seriously.

To Provide Something Valuable to Our Local Digital Industry In Return of All The Love We’ve Received

As a platform HHC Dropshipping is not just a dropshipping platform, Its a community and well wisher of the local eCommerce industry, it's a platform which helps the industry grow instead of just focusing in growing our platform, we want to contribute to the digital marketing industry and create some amazing well performing experts which in results will help the local ecosystem grow better and better. It's not just good for the startup environment, but an amazing step for the whole nation when people succeed, people get employed, people get income, people being in general more happy and there is a huge shortage of talented and skilled individuals in the industry right now.


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Lakhon Ka Course Free Main Provide Kardiya HHC Ny. Thanks HHC ❤️

Thanks a lot Jawad Bhai Allah apko Humesha Kamyab Kare, Thanks Again

Thank you so much sir...

No one teach with this way. Appreciated

First of all thank you so much for such valued content that is thousand times better thank paid courses!!

Bohat Acha Samjha rahay hain boht acha kaam kar rahai hain Allah aap ko jazaye khair day

Jazak Allah, Masha Allah Boht Aala Program.

Most practical video ever! Thanks Sir

Sub say behtreen course or yeh course dekh kar khushi hui k koi tu hai jo manjan sale nahi kar raha hai.

Sir, Free course ke liyein Shukria.

I love it you are talking like we are sitting face to face

Very helpful video specially with great explanation and with the use of very common life examples.

Thanks alot pure gold. Thank you so much sir! Boht kuch seekha ap k is course se

Course Details

Title Chapter
Course Overview HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass
EP01 - Vision & Objective Intro to Digital Marketing -CH1
EP02 - Importance of Brand Image Intro to Digital Marketing - CH1
EP03 - Digital Marketing Intro to Digital Marketing - CH1
EP01 - Hosting and Domain Website Development - CH2
EP02 - Wordpress vs Shopify Website Development - CH2
EP03- Installing WordPress from cPanel Wordpress Development - CH2
EP04 - SSL & WooCommerce Wordpress Development - CH2
EP05- Variable Products-Homepage-Theme Selection WordPress Development - CH2
EP06 - Theme Installation Wordpress Development - CH2
EP07 - Theme Setup-Required Plugins-Demo Import Wordpress Development - CH2
EP08-Theme Setup - Header-Menu-Logo Wordpress Development - CH2
EP09-Store Setup - Homepage & Contact Page Design Wordpress Development - CH2
EP10-Bulk Product Upload Using CSV File Wordpress Development - CH2
EP11- Generating Privacy Policy and Return Policy WordPress Development - CH2
EP12- Footer Designing & Generating About Us Content Using Chat GPT-WordPress Development Wordpress Development - CH2
EP13- Chat Button & Banners Designing - Error Resolving Approach Wordpress Development - CH2
EP14- Slider Revolution and Product Grids Wordpress Development - CH2
EP15- Setting Checkout Form and Delivery Charges Wordpress Development - CH2
EP16- Adding Coupons & Discounts Wordpress Development - CH2
EP17- Setting up Mobile Version of the Website Wordpress Development - CH2
EP18- Summarizing WordPress Development and Other Niche Websites Wordpress Development - CH2
EP01- Setting up Social Media Existence Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP02 - Meta Business Manager-Ad Account-Pixel Setup Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP03 Part-1- Product Hunting for Dropshipping Model Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
26-EP03 Part-2- Product Hunting for Dropshipping Model Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP04 - Conversion Rate Optimizationl Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP05 - Content Scrapping and Product Uploading Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP06 - Launching First Facebook Marketing Campaign Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP07 - Ad Performance Evaluation Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP08 - Call Confirmations & Order Fulfilment Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP09 - Google Analytics Integration Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP10 - Advance Features and Facebook Ads Scaling Digital Marketing Practicals - CH3
EP11 - Facebook Leads Ads Digital Marketing Advance Concepts - CH3
EP01 - TikTok Ads Overview Digital Marketing Advance Concepts - CH4
EP02 - Understanding Facebook Algorithm Digital Marketing Practicals - CH4
EP03-Email & Influencer Marketing-Organic Activities-Google My Business Digital Marketing Advance Concepts -CH4
EP04- Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing Advance Concepts - CH4
EP05- Extremely Advance Digital Marketing Strategies Digital Marketing Advance Concepts - CH4
EP01- Courier Companies Selection for eCommerce in Pakistan Local e-Commerce Business Management - CH5
EP02- Overheads Costing-eCommerce Business Management Local e-Commerce Business Management - CH5
EP03- Order Management & Covering up Return Ratio Local e-Commerce Business Management - CH5
Journey Conclusion and Summary HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass

Available Courses in the Market

  • X Charges Thousands and Millions
  • X Deliver Very Basic Content
  • X Courses are Their Only Income Stream
  • X Use Sales Snapshots to Convince, Doesn’t Calculate Profits and Includes Overheads Costings, Does Not Share The Complete Picture As It Will Lower Their Course Sales
  • X Commiting You That Everything is Very Easy Because It Generates More Sales of Their Courses.
  • X Upsell You More Trainings, and Mentorships When You Face Difficulties.
  • X Not Focused On Making You Skilled, Just Generating Few Sales is The Course Objective.
  • X 2-4 Hours of Recorded Content Only.
  • X Gives You False Hopes of Making Millions EASILY.
  • X Waste Yours Investments on Course and Then Business as Well

HHC Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Masterclass Course

  • Charge Nothing at All and not Planning to Sell You Any Education at All
  • Deliver Basics to Extremely Advance and in Detail
  • Doesn’t Earn Anything From The Course
  • Shows and Share Numbers on Overheads Costings, Expenses, Logistic Issues and Many More to Make You Profitable. Doesn’t Appreciate Sales Without Profit
  • Not Giving Any False Expectations Because We Are Not Here to Sell The Course, Pure Valuable Content Only.
  • Will Never Sell Any Online Education or Training Program.
  • Focused on Making You Skilled So You Can Decide How You Want To Earn and Utilize Your Skills In Any Business, Jobs or Services.
  • 40+ Long Yet Full of Learning Videos.
  • Prepares You to Face The Business Realities.
  • Provides You Free Training and Don’t Expect Anything Back in Return.