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Course Overview – HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass

Table of Content – HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass

01-Course Overview – HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass

02-EP01 – Vision & Objective – CH1 – Intro to Digital Marketing

03-EP02 – Importance of Brand Image – CH1 – Intro to Digital Marketing

04-EP03 – Digital Marketing – CH1 – Intro to Digital Marketing

05-EP01 – Hosting and Domain – CH2 – Website Development

06-EP02 – WordPress vs Shopify – CH2 – Website Development

07-EP03- Installing WordPress from cPanel – CH2-WordPress Development

08-EP04 – SSL & WooCommerce – CH2 – WordPress Development

09-EP05- Variable Products-Homepage-Theme Selection – CH2-WordPress Development

10-EP06 – Theme Installation – CH2 – WordPress Development

11-EP07 – Theme Setup-Required Plugins-Demo Import – CH2 – WordPress Development

12-EP08-Theme Setup – Header-Menu-Logo – CH2-WordPress Development

13-EP09-Store Setup – Homepage & Contact Page Design – CH2-WordPress Development

14-EP10-Bulk Product Upload Using CSV File – CH2-WordPress Development

15-EP11- Generating Privacy Policy and Return Policy – CH2-WordPress Development

16-EP12- Footer Designing & Generating About Us Content Using Chat GPT- CH2-WordPress Development

17-EP13- Chat Button & Banners Designing – Error Resolving Approach- CH2-WordPress Development

18–EP14- Slider Revolution and Product Grids- CH2-WordPress Development

19-EP15- Setting Checkout Form and Delivery Charges- CH2-WordPress Development

20-EP16- Adding Coupons & Discounts- CH2-WordPress Development

21-EP17- Setting up Mobile Version of the Website- CH2-WordPress Development

22-EP18- Summarizing WordPress Development and Other Niche Websites- CH2-WordPress Development

23-EP01- Setting up Social Media Existence – CH3-Digital Marketing Practical

24-EP02 – Meta Business Manager-Ad Account-Pixel Setup – CH3-Digital Marketing Practical

25-EP03 Part-1- Product Hunting for Dropshipping Model- CH3-Digital Marketing Practical

26-EP03 Part-2- Product Hunting for Dropshipping Model- CH3-Digital Marketing Practical

27-EP04 – Conversion Rate Optimization- CH3 – Digital Marketing Practical

28-EP05 – Content Scrapping and Product Uploading- CH3 – Digital Marketing Practical

29-EP06 – Launching First Facebook Marketing Campaign – CH3 – Digital Marketing Practical

30-EP07 – Ad Performance Evaluation – CH3 – Digital Marketing Practical

31-EP08 – Call Confirmations & Order Fulfilment- CH3 – Digital Marketing Practical

32-EP09 – Google Analytics Integration – CH3 – Digital Marketing Practical

33-EP10 – Advance Features and Facebook Ads Scaling – CH3 – Digital Marketing Practical

34-EP11 – Facebook Leads Ads – CH3 – Digital Marketing Practical

35-EP01 – TikTok Ads Overview- CH4-Digital Marketing Advance Concepts

36-EP02 – Understanding Facebook Algorithm – CH4-Digital Marketing Advance Concepts

37-EP03-Email & Influencer Marketing-Organic Activities-Google My Business-CH4-DM Advance Concept

38-EP04- Search Engine Optimization – CH4-Digital Marketing Advance Concepts

39-EP05- Extremely Advance Digital Marketing Strategies – CH4-Digital Marketing Advance Concepts

40-EP01- Courier Companies Selection for eCommerce in Pakistan – CH5-eCommerce Business Management

41-EP02- Overheads Costing – CH5-eCommerce Business Management

42-EP03- Order Management & Covering up Return Ratio – CH5-eCommerce Business Management

43-Journey Conclusion and Summary- HHC Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Masterclass