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Why tracking your order is important?

Tracking your order is a crucial aspect of managing your business with HHC effectively. Here’s why:

1. Visibility and Transparency:

   – Tracking provides real-time updates on the status of your parcels, allowing you to see each phase of the delivery process.

   – Knowing whether your parcel has left the HHC facility, reached the courier facility, or is en route to the customer helps you stay informed.

2. Customer Service:

   – Being able to inform your customers about the exact location and status of their orders enhances their trust and satisfaction.

   – Prompt updates to your customers can lead to fewer inquiries and complaints, improving your overall service quality.

3. Issue Resolution:

   – If a parcel is delayed or lost, tracking information helps you quickly identify the problem and take necessary actions.

   – Early identification of issues such as failed delivery attempts allows you to intervene and arrange re-delivery or address correction.

4. Inventory Management:

   – Tracking helps you monitor which products are in transit, delivered, or returned, aiding in better inventory management and planning.

   – This information is crucial for restocking popular items and managing returned inventory efficiently.

5. Performance Metrics:

   – Monitoring delivery times and the efficiency of different courier services can help you choose the best partners and improve your logistics strategy.

   – Analyzing tracking data can also provide insights into delivery patterns and customer satisfaction levels.

How to Track Your Orders

1. Daily Check:

 Morning Routine: Ensure you check the RCP page every morning. This page is updated daily, and timely action is required.

2. Identify the Reason for Return:

Review the Reason: If you see your order on the RCP page, check the reason provided for the return.

Assess the Validity: If the reason seems incorrect, verify it with your customer by calling.

How to Reattempt Via Order Report:

Check Order Report: Visit the order report and check the column “Order Status”. Filter orders with the “Return Confirmation Pending” status.

Link: https://hhcdropshipping.com/Member/my-account/profit-report/


Contact Your Customer: Confirm the details with your customer to ensure there was no misunderstanding.

Shipment Status Column: Check the shipment status column, there is a reason provided for the RCP order, once you reconfirm the order by calling your customer, click on submit a request to add remarks for reattempt as shown in the figure below.


Once you click on submit request a reattempt view will appear, add your remarks and hit the send button to forward the reattempt request, as shown in the figure below.


Once the process is complete, your given order will be reattempted and will be on route for delivery the next working day.