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My Account is “Block By Manager”, what can i do to active it OR How can i Settle Negative Balance to Unblock Account??

Common Reasons for Account Block: Negative Balance

Your account gets temporarily automatically blocked when an invoice is generated showing a negative balance. This means you cannot place new orders and can only view reports.

Past Policy:

Previously, negative balances were auto-adjusted with the profits from new orders. However, many users left large negative amounts unpaid, causing losses for HHC.

New Policy:

Now, negative balances will not be auto-adjusted with new orders. To clear the payment, you need to manually send the payment to HHC’s bank account. After the payment is made, your account will be unblocked.

Steps to Clear Negative Balance and Unblock Account:

1. Manual Payment:

   – To clear the payment, send the amount equal to the negative balance to the following bank account:

     BANK: HBL


     ACCOUNT NUMBER: PK79HABB0000387901879903

2. Request for Unblock:

   – After sending the payment, Launch ticket for request to unblock your account.

   – Choose the Category “Settle Negative Balance to Unblock Account”. 

   – Fill the ticket form with accurate details, attach the screen shot of trasnferred amount for proof.

Visual Guide:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: 

Hit submit to launch the ticket.

Follow-Up Actions & Out Come

1. Monitor the Ticket:

   – Regularly check the status of your ticket for responses from HHC ticket support agent.

2. Respond to Inquiries:

   – If HHC ticket agent asks for more information, provide it promptly to expedite the resolution process.

3. Confirm Payment Receipt:

  – Once the agent verifies the attached screenshot, your account will be from from restrictions.
Out Come:

  – The HHC agent will “Unblock” your account.

  – Agent will inform you about the status of your account via ticket reply.