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My HHC account is on a trial period of 30 days, what does it mean?

When your account is approved on HHC Dropshipping, it starts with a trial period. Here’s a detailed explanation of what this entails and how to ensure your account remains active:

Trial Period Overview:

1. Initial Evaluation:

   – The trial period allows HHC to monitor your activities, including the number of orders you place and your interactions with the staff.

2. Behavior Assessment:

   – Your behavior and communication with HHC’s support and staff are also evaluated during this time. This helps ensure that users are serious and professional in their business dealings.

3. Order Activity Requirement:

   – To maintain an active account, you must place at least one order within the first 15-20 days of the trial period. This demonstrates your commitment to using the platform for business purposes.

Consequences of Inactivity:

1. Account Restriction:

   – If you do not meet the activity requirements or if your behavior is found lacking, your account may be restricted after the 30-day trial period.

2. Deactivation Process:

   – In case your account is deactivated due to inactivity, you can visit the login page and provide a reason for your lack of activity or unavailability. The HHC admin team will review your reason and decide whether to reactivate your account based on the validity of your explanation.

Steps to Keep Your Account Active:

1. Regular Orders:

   – Place at least one order within the first 15-20 days to show that you are serious about using HHC Dropshipping for your business.

2. Engage with Staff:

   – Maintain professional and courteous communication with the HHC staff. Positive interactions can help ensure a favorable evaluation during the trial period.

3. Provide Feedback:

   – If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, communicate these to HHC. Active engagement and constructive feedback can positively impact your account status.

Post-Trial Period:

1. Account Status Notification:

   – After you add a request to re-activate your account, you will receive an email notification regarding the status of your account. This will inform you whether your account has been approved to remain active or if it has been deactivated.

2. Appealing Deactivation:

   – If your account is deactivated, you can appeal by providing a valid reason for your inactivity. The HHC admin team will review your case and decide accordingly.


The trial period on HHC Dropshipping is designed to ensure that only serious and active users have continued access to the platform’s resources. By placing orders, engaging positively with staff, and providing feedback, you can demonstrate your commitment and keep your account active. If your account is deactivated, you have the option to appeal with a valid reason, which the HHC admin team will review. This process helps HHC support dedicated dropshippers while efficiently utilizing their resources.