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If a high-priced product on HHC is available at a lower price in the market, how can we communicate with the supplier or team about this?

You can use the product price dispute feature to inform us if you find a product cheaper on another website compared to its price on HHC. This way, you can highlight the issue and help us address it.

 Handling High Price Products on HHC

If you find a product on HHC that is priced higher than on other wholesale sites, you can address this issue using our “Price Dispute” feature. Here’s how you can launch a price dispute:

Steps to Launch a Price Dispute:

1. Identify the Product:

   – Open the product page on HHC that you believe is priced too high.

2. Locate the Price Dispute Option:

   – Scroll down the product page until you find the “Price Dispute” section.

3. Initiate the Dispute:

   – Click on the “Price Dispute” option.

   – Then, click on “Open a Dispute.”


4. Fill Out the Dispute Form:

   – Message: Describe where you found the product at a cheaper price.

   – Price: Enter the lower price you found.

   – URL: Provide the link to the website where the product is available at a cheaper price.

   – Screenshot: Upload a screenshot showing the lower price on the other website.

5. Submit the Dispute:

   – After filling in all the required details, click “Submit.”


After Submitting the Dispute:

Dispute Details: Once submitted, you will see the details of your price dispute.

Visibility: The dispute will be marked as private, meaning only you can see the response.

Status: Initially, the status will be “Open,” indicating that the dispute is being processed.

Resolution: The resolution status will show as “Work in Progress,” meaning the dispute is under review.

Visual Guide:

Checking and Responding to the Dispute:

View Details: Click on “View” to see the latest updates and details about your dispute.

Comment: If you need to add any additional comments or information, you can do so in the provided comment box.

Visual Guide:

Monitoring Your Disputes:

Product Inquiries Page: You can also view all your launched disputes on the “Product Inquiries” page.

Link: https://hhcdropshipping.com/Member/my-account/product-inquiry/

Visual Guide:

Processing Time:

– The vendor department will verify the details of your dispute to ensure its validity. If the dispute is valid, they will communicate with the vendor to negotiate a price reduction.

– This process typically takes 2 to 3 working days.

Using the “Price Dispute” feature ensures that you are getting competitive pricing for your products, and it helps maintain transparency and fairness in pricing on the HHC platform.