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What if my order is “Delivered”and marked as “Returned” on HHC, What should i do?

If your parcel has been delivered but is marked as returned on HHC, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Steps to Resolve Delivered but Marked as Returned

1. Verify Delivery Proof:

   – Contact your customer and request proof of delivery, which should include pictures of the shipping label on the parcel and the delivered product.

2. Launch a Ticket:

   – Go to the “Complaint Centre” or “Support” section on HHC Dropshipping.

   – Choose the category “Wrong status/status not updated” to report the issue.

Steps to Launch a Ticket for Wrong Status/Status Not Updated

1. Open the Ticket Form:

   – Navigate to the “Complaint Centre” or “Support” section on your HHC Dropshipping account.

   – Select “Wrong status/status not updated” from the category options.

2. Fill Out the Form:

   – Order ID: Enter the Order ID that is incorrectly marked as returned.

   – Message: Explain that the parcel has been delivered but is marked as returned on HHC. Mention that you have attached proof of delivery.

   – Attach Files: Upload the pictures of the shipping label and the delivered product provided by your customer.

3. Submit the Ticket:

   – After filling out all the necessary details and attaching the required proof, click on the “Submit” button.

Visual Guide:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Hit Submit to launch your complaint.

Expected Outcome From HHC Dropshipping

– The HHC agent will verify the details with the courier based on the proof you provided.

– Once verified, the return charges of 300 and the profit against that order will be refunded to you.