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What if the customer receives an incorrect, broken, or damaged item?


If the customer receives an incorrect, broken, or damaged item, HHC will arrange for an exchange delivery. However, the claim must be filed within 48 hours of delivery through our website’s complaint center, You can also use this link to access the complaint center.

Where and how to launch ticket:


To launch a ticket for broken, damaged, or incorrect item, click on the given link above. 

The rest of the process is as follows:

  1. Click on create ticket. 
  1. Choose the category “order after delivery” & choose the suitable one of the highlighted issue.
  1. Fill out the form appears on your screen with accurate data. As shown in the figure below.
  1. Click the submit button.
  2. Now your complaint has been submitted.

Necessary proof & timeline:

When launching a claim, video proof from the customer is mandatory to clearly demonstrate or explain the fault with the item. Verbal claims alone will not be accepted.

Claims must be filed within 48 hours of parcel delivery; otherwise, the claim will not be accepted.


In cases of change of mind or if the customer simply does not like the product, HHC will make every effort to assist as a resource, but the expense will be borne by the dropshipper. Each case will be assessed individually.