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How Can I Know About Product Quality on HHC Dropshipping & How SDR and PDR Effect Product Quality?

Comprehensive Quality Observation:

At HHC Dropshipping, product quality is meticulously observed and made transparent through multiple features. These features allow you to assess the quality of a product before deciding to promote or sell it.

Key Features for Quality Assessment:

1. Saturation Rate:

   – This indicates how saturated the market is with a particular product. A high saturation rate means that many sellers are already offering this product, which could suggest a lower chance of success if you choose to sell it.


2. Product Dissatisfaction Rate:

   – This rate shows how many complaints or issues have been reported by customers regarding a product. A high dissatisfaction rate is a red flag, indicating that the product may have quality issues that could lead to customer complaints and returns.


3. Supplier Dissatisfaction Rate:

   – This rate helps you understand the reliability of the supplier. If a supplier has a high dissatisfaction rate, it means their products frequently have problems, or they are difficult to work with, which can impact your business negatively.


4. Supplier:

   – The Supplier section in “News Feed” contains contacts and information about suppliers. This can open new opportunities for sourcing products, knowing the quality of the products vendors are offering, and expanding your market reach.


How to Use These Features:

1. Viewing Product Tags:

  – When you view a product, you’ll notice various tags that provide information about its quality. These tags include the saturation rate, product dissatisfaction rate, and supplier dissatisfaction rate.

2. Making Informed Decisions:

  – Use these tags to judge whether a product is worth selling. If a product has a low dissatisfaction rate and a reliable supplier, it’s a good candidate for your store. Conversely, if the rates are high, you may want to reconsider.

Additional Support Services in Product Quality:

After-Sale Support and Complaint System:

  – HHC Dropshipping offers complete after-sale support and a robust complaint system. This ensures that any issues your customers face after delivery are promptly addressed, helping you maintain high customer satisfaction.


Utilizing the saturation rate, product dissatisfaction rate, and supplier dissatisfaction rate features on HHC Dropshipping allows you to make informed decisions about which products to sell. This proactive approach helps ensure you choose high-quality products, leading to greater customer satisfaction and fewer returns. Regularly check these features and leverage the after-sale support system to maintain a successful dropshipping business.