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How to use the “Allow to Open” Service with HHC Dropshipping?

HHC currently offers the “Allow to Open” service exclusively through Trax Courier. Follow these steps to enable this service for your orders:

1. Log in to Your Account:

   – Access your HHC Dropshipping account using your credentials.

2. Place Your Order:

   – Add the desired product to your cart.

   – Proceed to the checkout page.

3. Select Trax Courier:

   – In the checkout form, find the “Courier Service” field.

   – Select “Trax Courier” from the dropdown menu.

4. Enable “Allow to Open”:

   – In the “Order Cost” section, look for the “Shipping Charges” area.

   – Below the “Shipping Charges,” you will see a checkbox labeled “Allow to Open.”

   – Tick the “Allow to Open” checkbox.


5. Complete the Order:

   – Enter all the required information in the checkout form.

   – Review your details and submit the order.

6. Confirmation and Shipping Label:

   – After submitting your order, the “Allow to Open” option will be automatically printed on the shipping label attached to the parcel.

   – When the customer receives the parcel, the courier rider will see the “Allow to Open” instruction on the shipping label and will allow the customer to open and check the parcel in their presence.

Visual Guide:

Checkout Form Highlight:

  – In the screenshot below, the “Courier Service” and “Allow to Open” fields are highlighted for your reference.

Shipping Label Highlight:

  – The shipping label will automatically include the “Allow to Open” instruction. Below is an example of the shipping label with the “Allow to Open” field highlighted.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your customers have the option to open and inspect their parcels upon delivery, providing them with added confidence and satisfaction.