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What is Stock Confirmation, How to Do It, and Why is It Important?

Stock confirmation before running any ad is important because it ensures you know how much inventory is available.


Stock confirmation is essential for drop shippers who run paid marketing campaigns and work in bulk quantities. It involves verifying stock availability via ticket to ensure that your marketing efforts proceed smoothly without any disruptions and that your orders are dispatched promptly.

Why is Stock Confirmation Important?

1. Preventing Campaign Disruptions: Ensuring stock availability prevents interruptions in your marketing campaigns.

2. Timely Order Dispatch: Confirmed stock ensures that your orders can be dispatched quickly, keeping customers satisfied.

3. Effective Guidance: Via ticket, the agent can provide better guidance on stock levels, helping you make informed decisions.

How to Do Stock Confirmation:

To confirm the stock of a product on our platform, follow these steps:

Steps to Confirm Stock:

  1. Open the Product:
  • Navigate to the product you want to confirm the stock of.
  1. Click on Stock:
  • On the product page, locate and click on the “Stock” button.
  1. Confirm Stock:
  • Select the “Confirm Stock” option.
  1. Fill Out the Form:
  • Provide necessary details in the form:
    • Where you are running ads: Mention the platforms where your advertisements are live.
    • Amount you are spending on ads per day: Specify your daily ad spend.
    • Expected orders per day: Indicate how many orders you anticipate receiving each day.
  1. Submit the Form:
  • After filling out all the required fields, click on the “Submit” button to complete the process.

Checking the Response:

  1. View Response:
  • To check the response, go back to the product page.
  • Click on the “View” button to see the status and any updates regarding your stock confirmation request.

After Submitting the Dispute:

  • Dispute Details: Once submitted, you will see the details of your stock confirmation query.
  • Visibility: The query will be marked as private, meaning only you can see the response.
  • Status: Initially, the status will be “Open,” indicating that the query is being processed.
  • Resolution: The resolution status will show as “Work in Progress,” meaning the stock confirmation is under review.

Checking and Responding to the Dispute:

  • View Details: Click on “View” to see the latest updates and details about your dispute.
  • Comment: If you need to add any additional comments or information, you can do so in the provided comment box.

Monitoring Your Disputes:

  • Product Inquiries Page: You can also view your stock confirmation queries on the “Product Inquiries” page. The link to this page is: HHC Product Inquiries

Processing Time:

  • The vendor department will verify the stock from the vendor in exact numbers.
  • This process typically takes 24 to 48 working hours.

By following these steps, you can efficiently confirm the stock availability of a product and ensure you are prepared for the expected demand generated by your ads.

Here’s a summarized version for quick reference:

Quick Steps to Confirm Stock:

  1. Open Product > Click on Stock > Confirm Stock
  2. Fill Out Form:
  • Ad Platforms
  • Daily Ad Spend
  • Expected Daily Orders
  1. Submit
  2. Check Response:
  • Product Page > View

These steps help streamline your stock confirmation process, ensuring that you can manage your inventory effectively and avoid any potential stock issues.