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What are the return charges & hidden issues behind returns?


In case of failed or returned deliveries, a flat Rs.300/- will be deducted from your profit, which will be settled at the time of your profit payment.

Explanation for Rs. 300 Return Handling Charge

The Rs. 300 return handling charge is essential due to several reasons:

1. Order Stuck and Investment Bound: When an order item gets stuck, HHC investment is tied up for several days. During this time, the packaging material often gets destroyed.

2. Courier Mishandling: Courier companies frequently mishandle returned items, increasing the chances of shipping loss and damage. This is a common occurrence.

3. High Return Cases: Returns often involve issues like consignee and rider scams, where items get stolen, fake items are returned, or genuine items are swapped out. These issues are prevalent and frequent.

4. Supplier Dissatisfaction: Suppliers are also unhappy with frequent returns, which adds to the complexity of return handling.

5. Dedicated Return Handling Department: We have a separate department that manages returns through a comprehensive procedure. This involves significant resources from our inventory management office. The Rs. 300 charge helps cover these costs.

To mitigate returns and enhance your delivery ratio, we recommend the following:

Maintain Strong Customer Support: Ensure you provide excellent customer support to resolve issues before they result in returns.

Order Confirmation: Confirm orders diligently to avoid unnecessary returns.Complete and Accurate Addresses: Ensure addresses are complete and accurate to minimize delivery issues.