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My order is On Hold & has not been dispatched yet. What should i do?

If your order is on hold and hasn’t been dispatched yet, it’s important to take immediate action to resolve the issue. Here are the steps you can follow to address an on-hold order on HHC Dropshipping:

Steps to Resolve On-Hold Order

1. Check Order Details:

   – Log in to your HHC Dropshipping account and navigate to the “Order/Profit Report” section.

   – Find the order that is on hold. Check for any comments or notes that might explain why the order is on hold.

Link: https://hhcdropshipping.com/Member/my-account/profit-report/ 

2. Verify Order Information:

   – Ensure that all the order details, such as the shipping address, product information, and customer details, are correct. Incorrect or incomplete information can cause orders to be placed on hold.

3. Look for System Notifications:

   – Check the “Notifications” section in your account for any alerts or messages regarding the on-hold order. Notifications can provide valuable information about any issues with the order.

4. Launch Ticket For Support:

   – If you cannot determine why the order is on hold or if you need further assistance, launch ticket   on HHC Dropshipping. Provide them with your order ID and any relevant details.

Link: https://hhcdropshipping.com/Member/my-account/ticketsupport/ 

How to launch ticket if your order is on hold:

 Use the Support Ticket System:

   – Navigate to the “Complaint Centre” or “Support” section in your HHC Dropshipping account.

   – Create a new support ticket explaining that your order is on hold and include the order ID. Describe any steps you have already taken to resolve the issue.

Visual Guide:

Step 1:

Click on create ticket.

Step 2:

Choose the category “Order On Hold”.

Step 3:
Fill the form with accurate details, provide the order id and advise if you want to process it or cancel it.

Hit submit when all the details are filled.

By following these steps, you can resolve on-hold orders efficiently and ensure a smoother dropshipping experience on HHC.