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Where can I ask if I have any questions related to a product?

With Product Q/A, you can ask any questions related to the product, such as about color, size, or request for a real image or video.

Product Q&A on HHC for Product-Related Queries

If you have any product-related queries on HHC, you can use the “Product Q&A” feature to communicate with the supplier or team. Here’s how you can do it:

Steps to Launch a Product Q&A:

1. Identify the Product:

   – Open the product page on HHC for which you have a query.

2. Locate the Product Q&A Option:

   – Scroll down the product page until you find the “Product Q&A” section.

3. Initiate the Q&A:

   – Click on the “Product Q&A” option.

   – Then, click on “Ask a Question.”


4. Fill Out the Q&A Form:

   – Message: Describe your query or issue related to the product. For example, ask about product features, size , or any other details you need.

   – Relevant Details: Provide any relevant information that can help address your query.

   – After filling in all the required details, click “Submit.”


After Submitting the Q&A:

Q&A Details: Once submitted, you will see the details of your product question.

Visibility: The question will be marked as private, meaning only you can see the response.

Status: Initially, the status will be “Open,” indicating that the question is being processed.

Resolution: The resolution status will show as “Work in Progress,” meaning the question is under review.

Checking and Responding to the Q&A:

View Details: Click on “View” to see the latest updates and details about your question.

Comment: If you need to add any additional comments or information, you can do so in the provided comment box.

Visual Guide:

 Monitoring Your Q&A:

Product Inquiries Page: You can also view all your launched questions on the “Product Inquiries” page.

Link: https://hhcdropshipping.com/Member/my-account/product-inquiry/

Visual Guide:

Product Inquiry Page:

Processing Time:

– The vendor department will review your query to ensure its validity. They will then communicate with the vendor to address your question.

– This process typically takes 2 to 3 working days.

Using the “Product Q&A” feature ensures that you can get detailed and specific information about products directly from the supplier, helping you make informed decisions and better manage your dropshipping business.