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What is the order processing & dispatch policy? OR How long does HHC take to dispatch a parcel?

Order Processing and Dispatch Policy

Working Days and Cut-Off Time:

– Orders are processed only on working days.

– The current cut-off time for order processing is 10 AM. This means that all orders placed before 10 AM will be processed and dispatched on the same working day.

Dispatch Efficiency:

  1. HHC has a dispatch ratio of 98%. This high efficiency is dependent on the following factors:
  2. Supplier’s On-Time Arrival Ratio (OTR): This rating measures how reliably a supplier delivers products on time.
  3. Supplier Cancellation Ratio (SCR): This rating measures how frequently a supplier cancels orders.

Same-Day Processing:

Vendors who consistently provide products on time (high OTR) and have low cancellation rates (low SCR) ensure that their orders are processed and dispatched the same day they are received.

Delivery Times:

After dispatch, the delivery time depends on the courier companies and can vary based on the destination city. Delivery times are subject to the logistics and efficiency of the chosen courier service and the distance between the shipping origin and the destination city.By adhering to these guidelines and maintaining good supplier performance, HHC ensures a high dispatch ratio and efficient order processing, contributing to timely deliveries.