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How can I cancel order on HHC Dropshipping?

When you place an order and want to cancel it for any reason, follow these steps: 1. Visit the order/profit report. 2. In the order report, search for the order you want to cancel. 3. Click the cancel button. **Note:** The cancellation time is limited due to our cutoff time at 10 am. You need to cancel the order before 10 am. Once the cancel button disappears, you won’t be able to cancel the order as the pick-pack process starts at 10 am every morning.

Once you’ve placed an order on HHC, you can cancel it through the Order/Profit Report. Here’s how:

Link: https://hhcdropshipping.com/Member/my-account/profit-report/

1. Access the Order/Profit Report:

   – Go to the Order/Profit Report section on the HHC website.

2. Locate the Order:

   – Find the order you want to cancel in the report.

3. Check Order Status:

   – Look for the “Order Status” column. Below the status, if the order is in the “Pickup ready” status, you will see a “Cancel” button.

4. Cancel the Order:

   – Click on the “Cancel” button associated with the order you wish to cancel.

5. Confirmation:

   – Confirm the cancellation when prompted.

6. Order Cancelled:

   – Once confirmed, the order will be cancelled. Note that cancellation may not be possible if the order status has progressed beyond “Pickup ready.”

Visual Guide:

Important Note:

   – The “Cancel” button will only be available when the order status is “Pickup ready.” Once the status changes, cancellation may not be possible.

By following these steps, you can easily cancel an order through the Order/Profit Report on HHC.