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If I provide you with my courier account’s CN# and slip with advance payment, will you pack the product and give it to that company?

Available Options for Convenience:

1. Multiple Courier Companies on Portal:

We have integrated multiple courier companies into our website for your convenience. These companies are among the best in the market for e-commerce deliveries.

For each order you place, you can select your preferred courier company.

The tracking number for your shipment will be provided to you within 5 minutes after being placed.

2. Using Your Own Courier:

If you wish to use your own courier service, you have the option to purchase products in bulk from us and manage the shipping on your own.

Currently, we do not support the manual handling of individual pieces outside our dropshipping system for using your own courier service.


While we offer flexibility with multiple courier options through our portal, individual piece handling with your own courier account is not supported. However, you can purchase in bulk and manage shipping independently.